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What is SR-22 Insurance and where do I get it?

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on August 19, 2015

If you are charged with DWI and took and a breath test, almost always will need to get SR-22 insurance at some point. In most DWI cases we a have to deal with both the criminal charges and the license issues which are oftentimes separate cases.  The criminal charges are brought by the State, County, or…


Posted by Gary J. Lauber on September 14, 2014

Many clients ask me after they were arrested for DWI or a criminal matter if they should have asked for a lawyer.  My simple answer is YES every time.  Recently, a client of ours was arrested for a second offense DWI in West St. Louis County.  This client, J. I., was traveling on highway 64/40…


Posted by Gary J. Lauber on September 11, 2014

The unrest in Ferguson Missouri has brought attention to many issues that have been either been ignored or unknown to the general public regarding municipal courts throughout the St. Louis area.  A group of attorneys who call themselves the ArchCity Defenders have issued a report criticizing the municipal court system in St. Louis.  The report…

Missouri License Revocation Dismissed in Ami G. v. Dept of Revenue: alternative alcohol test was done

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on July 21, 2014

“Should a driver initially refuse to submit to chemical testing, the arresting officer has the choice of either permitting the driver to withdraw his refusal and submit to chemical testing or of letting the driver’s initial refusal stand as grounds to administratively revoke the driver’s license” Rothwell v Director of Revenue, 419 SW 3d 200…

Missouri DWI from “Alcohol & Drugs Combined” very different than “Alcohol Only DWI”

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on July 9, 2014

Yes, you can have an alcohol BAC below the legal limit of .08 and still be charged with DWI, especially if the arresting officer claims you had drugs in your system.  You can be charged with alcohol/drugs combined based solely on observations of the police officer, even if you refuse to take a breath test,…

State v. A.G. — Felony Drug Possession Dismissed in St Charles County, Missouri

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on July 9, 2014

Oftentimes when drivers are stopped the police often ask to search your car.  Most people say yes out of fear that saying no makes them look guilty of something, even if they know the police will find drugs or something else illegal. Advice from a Missouri criminal lawyer: always be polite and politely say no,…


Posted by Gary J. Lauber on June 27, 2014

A Virginia man by the name of Jesse Lee Herald agree to a very strange and controversial plea deal in his pending criminal case in Shenandoah, Virginia.  He voluntarily agreed to plea guilty to save up to a potential of five years off of his prison sentence as long as he will undergo a vasectomy….

Convicted Felon Released By Mistake Again

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 9, 2014

Rene Lima-Marin was arrested and and another man were convicted of multiple robbery, kidnapping and burglary charges in 2000 in Aurora, Colorado.  Lima-Marin was 20 years old when he was involved in two violent robberies of video stores.  He was sentenced to to serve consecutive sentences on eight convictions for a total of 98 years….

Client with 4th DWI Arrest Gets No Conviction Probation (SIS)

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 21, 2014

A client of our firm, M.A., was driving his car in North County in the early morning when he approached a red light.  He attempted to apply his breaks but slid into the intersection striking another car that was passing through the intersection.  As the police arrived on the scene they observed our client running…

5 Reasons a Polygraph Test May Not be Accurate

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 14, 2014

First and foremost, never talk to the police until after you have consulted with a criminal defense lawyer.  There is a very good reason the cops must tell you…you have the right to remain SILENT, anything you say can and WILL be used against you….  Many Missouri criminal cases and won and lost based on…

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