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Archive: Criminal Cases in the News


Posted by Gary J. Lauber on September 11, 2014

The unrest in Ferguson Missouri has brought attention to many issues that have been either been ignored or unknown to the general public regarding municipal courts throughout the St. Louis area.  A group of attorneys who call themselves the ArchCity Defenders have issued a report criticizing the municipal court system in St. Louis.  The report…


Posted by Gary J. Lauber on June 27, 2014

A Virginia man by the name of Jesse Lee Herald agree to a very strange and controversial plea deal in his pending criminal case in Shenandoah, Virginia.  He voluntarily agreed to plea guilty to save up to a potential of five years off of his prison sentence as long as he will undergo a vasectomy….

Legalization Of Weed In Colorado Has Not Eliminated The Black Market

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 8, 2014

Many people believe that crime is directly related to the illegal drug trade.  People tend to believe that since drugs in general are illegal that they lead to violent crime as people are are trying to get something in short supply.  Experts have been watching Colorado since small amounts of marijuana have been legalized to…

Colorado Courts Overturn Some Pot Convictions

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 14, 2014

One the most common questions I get concerning the legalization of Marijuana is what happens to all of the people who have pleaded guilty before pot was legalized.  Colorado gave some guidance on this issue this week.  The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that any cases that were under appeal when Amendment 64 on recreational…

Trouble With Alcohol Breath Tests

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 10, 2014

When a person in the State of Missouri gets pulled over for DWI they are typically asked to take a breath test after their arrest.  Most people don’t realize that although the breath analysis machines are maintained by the police department they are regulated by the Department of Health and Senior Services.  The Department of…

According To Recent Salinas Supreme Court Case, Silence Can Be Used Against Defendants

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on August 13, 2013

According to a recent U.S. Supreme Court case, silence can be used against defendants, at least in some circumstances. The case, Salinas v. Texas, stands for the proposition that silence can be used against those who are questioned prior to being read their Miranda rights. In the case, the Court voted 5-4 that the statements,…

Missouri Women Charged With First-Degree Murder After Antifreeze Deaths Of Family Members

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on August 9, 2013

Two Missouri women, a mother and her daughter, were charged with first-degree murder earlier this month when police say the two confessed to poisoning two relatives with antifreeze and trying to kill a third. Authorities say Diane Staudte and her 22-year-old daughter Rachel were arrested and charged earlier this week with two counts of first-degree…

Changes Proposed To Missouri Criminal Statutes

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 12, 2013

It’s been several decades since the last update was done to Missouri’s criminal statutes but it looks like the public won’t have to wait much longer for changes to be implemented. A substantial overhaul of the state’s existing criminal justice system is planned by legislators who recently floated a new bill before the General Assembly…

St. Louis Man Wearing Spider-Man Mask Arrested For Robbing Pizza Delivery Guy

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on December 3, 2012

One St. Louis man now finds himself behind bars after a bizarre robbery involving a Spider-Man mask and a Domino’s pizza delivery guy. According to St. Louis County Police, the 31-year-old donned the comic book hero’s mask while robbing a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint late one night this weekend. The man, Richard D. Whitehead,…

East St. Louis Convenience Store Pled Guilty To Charges Involving The Sale of Illegal Drugs

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on December 1, 2012

A convenience store in the St. Louis area recently pled guilty to seven criminal charges involving the sale of illegal drugs and was assessed the largest criminal fine ever handed down to a corporation in the area. The incident also marked the first time that such a criminal fee was paid by a corporation in…

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