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Archive: Field Sobriety Testing

Use of Toxicology Reports in the Defense of Drug and Alcohol Cases

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 4, 2014

Many DWI cases are now becoming “DWI – combined drug and alcohol” cases, and a DWI involving drugs can carry automatic 1 year revocation even if you get probation, it falls under the Missouri abuse and lose laws. It is easy to be charged as a combined drug alcohol case, we see it when clients…

Can I Have My Missouri DWI Expunged From My Record?

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on January 23, 2014

Thankfully, those people in Missouri who made a simple mistake and received a DWI can look forward to the day when that charge is removed from their record forever. Once a person has paid their debt to society it is nice to know that they can eventually ask to have their slate wiped clean, not…

Is Driving On Drugs The Same As Driving Drunk In Missouri?

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 17, 2013

Everyone knows that DWI laws make it illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There’s a very clear line for measuring how much alcohol drivers are permitted to have in their system before they are deemed legally intoxicated, 0.08 percent. Something that would surprise many people in Missouri is that, in…

Missouri Field Sobriety Tests

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on February 2, 2013

If you’ve ever been pulled over in Missouri and asked to get out of your vehicle to perform a few simple maneuvers, then you’re likely already familiar with what is known as the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST). For those who have not yet been unlucky enough to have such an interaction, the SFST is…

Are Field Sobriety Tests Reliable In DWI Arrests? Several Studies Question FST Reliability

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on September 16, 2011

Guest Author: Allison Gamble, Student of Psychology Arrests and convictions for charges of driving under the influence are often made based on evidence from field sobriety tests. While law enforcement officers often contend these tests are foolproof, forensic psychology and the statistics show otherwise. In a substantial number of cases field sobriety tests tend to…

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