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State v. A.G. — Felony Drug Possession Dismissed in St Charles County, Missouri

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on July 9, 2014

Oftentimes when drivers are stopped the police often ask to search your car.  Most people say yes out of fear that saying no makes them look guilty of something, even if they know the police will find drugs or something else illegal. Advice from a Missouri criminal lawyer: always be polite and politely say no,…

5 Reasons a Polygraph Test May Not be Accurate

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 14, 2014

First and foremost, never talk to the police until after you have consulted with a criminal defense lawyer.  There is a very good reason the cops must tell you…you have the right to remain SILENT, anything you say can and WILL be used against you….  Many Missouri criminal cases and won and lost based on…

Trouble With Alcohol Breath Tests

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 10, 2014

When a person in the State of Missouri gets pulled over for DWI they are typically asked to take a breath test after their arrest.  Most people don’t realize that although the breath analysis machines are maintained by the police department they are regulated by the Department of Health and Senior Services.  The Department of…

Missouri Women Charged With First-Degree Murder After Antifreeze Deaths Of Family Members

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on August 9, 2013

Two Missouri women, a mother and her daughter, were charged with first-degree murder earlier this month when police say the two confessed to poisoning two relatives with antifreeze and trying to kill a third. Authorities say Diane Staudte and her 22-year-old daughter Rachel were arrested and charged earlier this week with two counts of first-degree…

Marijuana Possession Penalties Reduced In St. Louis

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on June 4, 2013

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen recently passed an important bit of legislation which could give smalltime marijuana smokers in the city a break in terms of law enforcement penalties. The new measure means that anyone caught in the city with small amounts of marijuana could end up with a relatively insignificant citation, something akin…

Missouri Legislature Moves To Alter State’s Criminal Laws

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 22, 2013

Legislators in Missouri this week saw the passage of the state’s long awaited overhaul of the criminal code. House Bill 210 passed overwhelmingly in the state house, and paves the way for the creation of new felonies and misdemeanors and attempts to modernize criminal law to make it more understandable to the public at large….

Missouri Penalty For Driving On A Suspended Or Revoked License

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 10, 2013

Driving on a suspended or revoked license in Missouri is no small matter and can lead to big fines, huge increases in insurance premium payments, increased suspension or revocation times, and in certain cases, even jail time. First things first, a person’s driver’s license could be suspended or revoked for a wide array of reasons….

Supreme Court To Decide On Issue Of DNA Sampling At Time Of Arrest

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 5, 2013

A recent article in the New York Times discussed a crucially important case before the Supreme Court and how the ruling could impact how police officers and judges carry out their jobs across the country and here in Missouri. The issue is essential to the criminal justice process and was even described by one of…

St. Louis Judge Throws Out Speeding Camera Ticket

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 1, 2013

In an important ruling that could possibly spell the end for Missouri speeding cameras, a judge in St. Louis County ruled that the speed camera tickets issued by Moline Acres conflict with state law. The judge’s ruling could be important because it could sway other judges who are presented with the question of ruling on…

Missouri Number One In The Country (For Meth)

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on March 29, 2013

In a recent bit of news unlikely to be trumpeted by the state’s tourism office, Missouri earned the sad distinction of being home to the most meth labs of any state in the country in 2012. The statistics are compiled each year by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency which monitors the number of meth incidents…

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