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NTSB Makes Surprising Move Regarding Lower BAC Limits

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on August 11, 2013

The National Transportation Safety Board announced last month that it would push for states to lower their legal BAC limits. The move, a surprise to many experts, is aimed at lowering the legal limit from 0.08 percent to 0.05 percent. In Missouri, the current limit for impaired driving is a 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration….

Missouri Women Charged With First-Degree Murder After Antifreeze Deaths Of Family Members

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on August 9, 2013

Two Missouri women, a mother and her daughter, were charged with first-degree murder earlier this month when police say the two confessed to poisoning two relatives with antifreeze and trying to kill a third. Authorities say Diane Staudte and her 22-year-old daughter Rachel were arrested and charged earlier this week with two counts of first-degree…

Marijuana Possession Penalties Reduced In St. Louis

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on June 4, 2013

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen recently passed an important bit of legislation which could give smalltime marijuana smokers in the city a break in terms of law enforcement penalties. The new measure means that anyone caught in the city with small amounts of marijuana could end up with a relatively insignificant citation, something akin…

The Impact Of Heartburn On Drunk Driving Cases

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on June 1, 2013

A recent case in Canada brought a lot of attention to a subject many drivers may not be aware of: heartburn and acid reflux can, in some cases, lead to dramatically inaccurate BAC readings. Though it might sound like some legal sleight of hand, the fact is acid reflux can result in demonstrated inaccuracies in…

Field Sobriety Tests Get Increased Attention

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 29, 2013

A recent case out of Tennessee has created some buzz in the criminal defense world given the spotlight it places on the proper weight of field sobriety tests. The Tennessee Supreme Court recently decided to hear the case, Tennessee v. David Bell, and will issue an opinion regarding how much importance field sobriety tests should…

Confusing Missouri v. McNeely Opinion Released By U.S. Supreme Court

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 27, 2013

The Supreme Court released its opinion in Missouri v. McNeely yesterday, a closely watched case not only here in Missouri but across the country. The reason the case was able to generate so much attention is that its result could lead to important changes in how police officers conduct blood tests following an arrest on…

Missouri Legislature Moves To Alter State’s Criminal Laws

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 22, 2013

Legislators in Missouri this week saw the passage of the state’s long awaited overhaul of the criminal code. House Bill 210 passed overwhelmingly in the state house, and paves the way for the creation of new felonies and misdemeanors and attempts to modernize criminal law to make it more understandable to the public at large….

States Increasingly Concerned About Repeat Drunk Drivers

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 19, 2013

There has been an increasing emphasis placed on getting repeat drunk drivers off of Missouri roadways as more and more stories get attention across the country of drivers who had been previously arrested who then go on to hurt or kill others in second or third drunk driving incidents. Just last week a man in…

Morning Drunk Drivers Increasing Target Of Police Enforcement

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on May 17, 2013

Everyone knows that prime time for police to make arrests regarding drunk drivers are nights and weekends. It would come as no surprise to most people to hear that late night on a Friday would understandably be a busy time for suspected drunk driving arrests. What many people may not realize is that police have…

Missouri Penalty For Driving On A Suspended Or Revoked License

Posted by Gary J. Lauber on April 10, 2013

Driving on a suspended or revoked license in Missouri is no small matter and can lead to big fines, huge increases in insurance premium payments, increased suspension or revocation times, and in certain cases, even jail time. First things first, a person’s driver’s license could be suspended or revoked for a wide array of reasons….

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